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Bébénca Organics - Organic baby clothes
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Desert Dunes Collection
Desert Dunes Collection
Unbleached and Undyed - Nature's Hug Collection
Unbleached and Undyed - Nature's Hug Collection
Nerdy Baby Collection
Nerdy Baby Collection

Why Bébénca Organics?

Bébénca Organics is a sustainable, organic, gender-neutral baby clothing brand. All our products are ethically made at globally trusted GOTS certified manufacturer and processing units. At Bébénca, we follow a rigorous design process to create soft, comfortable, trendy and safe clothing line for babies.

What sets us apart?:
  • GOTS certified organic
  • Organic cotton farming: No GMO seeds or pesticides
  • No harmful chemicals like Lead, Phthalates or flame retardants. Nickel-free fasteners
  • AZO-free low impact dyes and water based pigment inks
  • No child labor. Fair wages
  • Sustainable packaging
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