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Aga Khan Quote on Sustainability


About Us:


Bébénca Organics - an organic baby clothing brand, has been founded on the core ethic of sustainability and conscious living for all. 


Our Story:


As an apparel designer, I had secretly harbored a strong passion to design trendy baby clothes. Little cute baby clothes seem to make everyone smile and give brief blissful moments of joy. I just love this simple yet a very powerful and rewarding reason to create a sustainable baby clothing brand. Both my nieces and a nephew have been a great source of inspiration to do the right thing. To make this dream a reality, I left my corporate job to pursue what I like to call, “My Smile Project”. 


Reshma Koradia



What's in a name?


Bébé is French for baby. Bébénca is inspired from ‘Bibink’ – one of the favorite desserts from my childhood days in Goa, which symbolizes the happy and playful days. Through Bebenca, I hope to create the same sweet memories of safe, carefree, and happy days for every child. 


Our Vision:


Bébénca Organics has been found on this guiding principle: To leave the world better than what it was when we came into it.

(Our vision is inspired from a quote by Aga Khan)


Our Commitment:


With social responsibility as our foundation, we as a company are committed to strive towards our vision by upholding the ethic of sustainability from our farms to our children. We are committed to the betterment of people and environment.


People: To care and improve social and health conditions of the people involved throughout the supply chain - From our hard-working farmers, the workers in dyeing, processing units and manufacturing units, the parents and most importantly, our children.

Environment - Soil, Air and Water:  To make every effort towards ensuring our environment is not harmed during the production process. To partner with GOTS to inspect the entire supply chain for all-round sustainability and authentic organic product.


 Why Bébénca?


  • Its peace of mind knowing your baby is safe from harmful and carcinogenic chemicals touching it sensitive and young skin.


  • Doing the right thing for the people who make these clothes. You are sure they were treated fairly and were happy while making your baby's clothes.


  • By choosing Bébénca, we all do our bit for our planet, its environment and towards reducing our carbon footprint.